Extraterrestrial False Flag: Elites seek to Weaponise Space


One of the more controversial theories about the presence of alien forces among us is that of Dr. Carol Rosin. Dr Rosin can be seen on YouTube, courtesy of ‘Alien Scientist’ who posted some video footage on October 20, 2012, making statements with regard to U.S plans to weaponize space under the auspices of "Archons". She also claims that the U.S is responsible for creating "false flags" about these alien forces, in order to obtain their own ends.

In the video Dr.Rosin talks about Dr. Werner von Braun, father of the space program, who told her in the 1970s of a U.S. plan to keep on creating weapons for gains, and to control the world from space. Justification for funneling billions of dollars of tax-payer money to armament corporations would first be enemies like the Russians, then terrorists, then rogue countries, then asteroids, and the last card would be the threat of alien invasion.

Plenty of people may agree with Dr. Carol Rosin’s mission to ‘stop the weaponization of space’ while others see such a move as necessary. The people at MUFON believe firmly that these claims of imminent alien warfare are justified.

According to John Kettler, a former U.S. contractor and scientist, there is an expanding war, taking place off the coast of Antarctica. Kettler, citing ‘sensitive sources’ states that the war is an extension of naval battles fought off the coast of San Francisco. Gordon Duff, a reporter with Veterans Today has also reported on the alleged San Francisco battles against "hostile Extraterrestrials".

Kettler goes on to claim that armies from the U.S. are waging the UFO war with the help of their Chinese counterparts, with many injuries being reported. Duff also seems to agree with these allegations, going further to claim that the war in the Pacific is unimaginable in terms of the threats presented.

While many may dismiss these two men, some may claim that there is evidence to support their allegations. Operation Highjump led by the U.S. in 1946/47 contains many anomalies that were encountered by Admiral Richard Byrd, with one being an enemy that ‘could fly from pole to pole at incredible speeds’.

Since there are no named sources, one may dismiss these allegations about UFOs and aliens. It also could be that the U.S. gave misinformation to their enemies to throw them off track. In the light of the Admiral’s disclosure, however, dismissing the claims in favor of blaming others for weaponizing space may be a huge mistake. MUFON reporters have evidence to support the existence of aliens and UFOs, thus making the Admiral’s revelation worth considering.

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