Oregon family films UFO activity

A recent report to MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network, comes from Rogers, Oregon, and refers to an incident that occurred around 7:15PM on November 1st, 1012, when an entire family witnessed an extraordinary sight.

The father began the story, “the UFO appeared to the naked eye as a soundless spinning flame. When we zoomed in on it with a camera, it had more structure, but was totally unfamiliar. It was not like anything any of us had ever seen before.”

He went on, “My son initially reported that he saw a strange light outside. The entire family rushed outside and we saw a second light fly overhead about five minutes later. I grabbed my digital video camera before the third one flew over five minutes later.”

The video that he took captured the third object quite well. “When we magnified the images you can see that the flames are definitely not normal. They appear to have a square structure around them. We discussed what it could possibly be.  It was obviously not a plane as there no flashing strobe lights like you see on aircraft and it couldn’t have been a flare because it didn’t fall like you would expect a flare to.”

The witness uploaded both video and still images to the MUFON website on November 2nd. He explained, “The date stamp on the video is off by one day. This actually occurred on November 1, 2012.I recorded the video with my iPhone, as I displayed the original video on my TV.”

Each witness sighting reported to MUFON adds to the knowledge base of what exactly UFOs look like or how they behave. This family in Rogers, Oregon, did their part to increase that knowledge. MUFON exists to maintain a database of as many sightings as possible, and to make the information available to the public.  In return members of the public are encouraged to report unusual sightings to MUFON which will examine and analyze all the reports. Their conclusion is that the majority are in fact alien spacecraft. 

The family in Rogers, Oregon, truly believes that they had an encounter with a UFO.  “What other explanation could there possible be?” the witness wondered.  “If you look at other videos and photographs in the MUFON archives, the description of what we saw is not far off others. They nearly all describe strange UFO lights as being ‘bright’ or the actual object as being ‘without a sound’.” leading one to wonder whether Rogers, Oregon, will be the next bedrock of UFO activities.

For those who absolutely refuse to accept the witness’ version of events, maybe a video would help. Both the video and still photos of the video can be found within the MUFON archives.  The time stamp may be off by one day as the event occurred on November 1, while the uploading was done on November 2, a day later. It is worth checking out. 

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