UFO: Triangle flies over Daly City, California

A strange triangle shaped UFO appeared at 9:25pm in Daly City, California, on November 2, 2012. The couple who saw the object reported the sighting to MUFON (the Mutual UFO Network), which is now deploying a research team to investigate the incident.

In the report, the man described the whole story. “It happened on November 2, 2012. Iwas enjoying the evening with the family, when this strange triangle shaped object appeared in the sky.”“Around 09:20 pm, my wife and I were in our backyard. It was a beautiful and clear night. We were smoking and chatting about things, when she noticed the strange object in the sky. She was surprised and pointed it out. As my wife wasn’t wearing her glasses, I kept watching and followed it past our house and towards the horizon,” the witness continued.

“I was astonished,” he said. “ The unidentified object was very bright, with a some what triangular shape.   It moved like an aircraft, but the shape was nowhere near the size and shape of any aircraft I’ve ever seen. And the speed, I’d say it was several times faster than any of the planes that are often traversing our neighborhood.”

“We kept watching. It appeared to curve upward, until it disappeared. As I said, it was a clear night and the moon made it easier to see the object.  Still l could really make out the details.But I could hear the noise from the background that was amplified by the wind.”

There may have been other witnesses to this incident, as the man concluded his report by saying, “ I saw a commercial plane that was about to land at SFO. Maybe the the pilot or some of the passengers saw it too.”

According to the Mufon Case Files database, there was another case reported from the same neighborhood,  Just a couple of weeks earlier on October 16 2012, by a man whose son claimed that he had witnessed a UFO above their house.

“I was on my way home when my son called me and excitedly told me that he and his friend had seen a UFO. It was around 7 pm when he heard a loud rumbling sound outside the house. He looked for the source of that noise and found out it came from a big object flying above the residential roofs. He couldn’t see the object well as it was very bright. But in the middle of the bluish white light, he thought he saw a flat item,” said the man who immediately reported this sighting to Mufon.

And actually those two occasions were not the first time. A strange incident that could be related to alien presence happened in Daly City as far back as1942. On August 16, 1942, a US Navy patrol blimp crashed at Bellevue Avenue. The strange thing was, the crew had vanished and the blimp was in good shape, without any malfunction or damage.

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