UFO Archontic-like entities fly in threes Over Pennsylvania


Two testimonies were received separately of sighting three flying entities in the sky from two different places at the same date of Nov 16th, 2012. One was received on the MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) whereas another report of the sighting from a different person was received by the UFO Sightings Daily.

Both the witnesses explained seeing three flying objects between 04:50 to 5:00 P.M. in the evening. The Council Woman of Apollo Borough Cynthia Virostek accompanied by the Mayor of Borough Apollo, Karen Kenzevich and Secretary Cynthia McDermott witnessed the incident. She explains what they saw.

“The three of us were on our way to a council meeting when we noticed three strange objects in the sky.”

The witness elaborates on the movement of the objects.

“These objects were moving very close to each other at a slow speed. They were also not making any noise at all which was strange and was nothing like any other traditional jet we ever saw.”

The witness to emphasize what they saw took pictures of the three entities through the cell phone (Cynthia McDermott, Secretary of Borough took the pictures) along with many other people that submitted their clicked photos of the flying objects over Apollo.

“We only had our cell phones with us through which we took some pictures of the amazing site we were viewing.”

Another similar sighting of three unknown objects seen on the same date at 04:50 P.M. in Shelocta, Pennsylvania was reported to MUFON. The city of Shelocta is at a distance of 14.5 miles from the city of Apollo according to Google Map. The witness defines his position of the sighting.

“I was driving and was on my way to Pittsburgh from Johnstown, PA and was moving west on the interstate 422 when suddenly a glowing ball caught my attention.”

The witness intricate more on the details of the sighting.

“The glowing ball that came towards me was joined by another ball after a few miles and after they converged together the third one joined them. They formed a triangular formation. Also when they moved they seemed as round in shape but when they stopped they had flames like shape coming from behind much more like a jellyfish.”

The witness reports of having seen these objects for 10 minutes after they disappeared and reappeared after another 15 minutes. The witness also claims to know what military jets look like and defines the objects in resemblance.

“I know a lot about the military and their jets and these objects were nothing like them. They firstly moved independently, then in the formation and then disappeared without leaving any trail at all, like any commercial flight or a military jet.”

The Witness also submitted still photographs as he was unable to film it. He further supports his witnessing.

“There were many other individuals who witnessed the incident and took pictures but I do not know any of them.”

There have been several sightings in the past where witnesses define seeing formations of three in UFO sightings. Many define it as a way aliens try to communicate to us. The question here is why do the aliens choose the formation of three and not any other number?

One theory presented by Dr John Lash is that according to the ancient Pagan Gnostics, the Archons which are demonic, artificial, inter-dimensional life forms always appear in three.

This theory is further supported by researchers according to whom an apocalyptic destruction occurs in a theme of three. Please check the alien numerology in this video. (Outline of regressive alien numerology)

According to researchers many destructive occurrences have taken place on days, months or year that were either perfectly divisible by three or formed a perfect recurring after decimal of three, e.g.646.333333. Fukushima and the war on terror are examples of being held on dates that are divisible by three where as World War 1 and 2 were held in years which was either divisible by three like WW 1 started in 1914 which is completely divisible by 3 or resulted in a recurring decimal of 3, like WW 2 started in 1939 which when divided by three gives a recurring after decimal of 646.33333.

It is therefore concluded that alien activities that appear in form of three accompany or foreshadow regressive alien intrusion.

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