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Alien Agenda: Does Pennsylvania's three UFOs foreshadow World War III?

On November 16th, 2012, witnesses in two small Pennsylvania towns made independent reports of UFO sightings.The first  witness was traveling on interstate 422 from Johnstown to Pittsburgh, and saw the UFOs near Shelocta at around 4:50pm.  The second report came from Apollo about ten minutes later.  Apollo is less than 15 miles from Shelocta.

As reported to MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network, “I witnessed a glowing ball to my left moving in the same direction as me. A few mile in front of me  was another glowing ball. These two balls converged and were joined by a third. They stayed in a triangular formation and hovered a few miles in front of me for a solid 6 - 10 minutes during which time I pulled over and got some pictures.”  These Shelocta photographs were uploaded to UFO Sightings Daily on November 17, and show three glowing balls, hovering in the sky in a triangular formation.

The report from Apollo was made directly to UFO Sightings Daily, by a who said, “These objects were seen by several people in different locations around Apollo. We were  on our way to a meeting when we noticed this unusual formation. You never see jets fly that close to each other, and never in 3's. There was no noise and they were not moving very fast.”   The witness submitted photos from her cell phone as well as others taken by some friends.

Scott C. Waring of UFO Sightings Daily is particularly intrigued by the fact that these objects appeared in threes. On 4 June, 2012, a Colorado Springs witness reported to UFO Sightings Daily that he had seen three orbs in a triangular formation over a NORAD base. NORAD is the North American Aerospace Defense Command.  Waring asks, “Why would aliens choose repetitions of "three" rather than, for example, a formation of "two" or "four"?  And was this location in Colorado just a coincidence?”

Three, however, is a much more significant number than two or four, as explained by Dr. John Lash. “The ancient Pagan Gnostics revealed that the Archons are demonic interdimensional and artificial life forms which appear in threes.” Other researchers have found that three has been a recurring theme associated with apocalyptical destruction, with the dates of disasters like Fukushima, 9/11, and the two World Wars all divisible by three.

This is to be expected if, as suggested by alien investigators Alex Collier and David Icke,  World War I and World War II were part of a timetable orchestrated by the Archons.

Is this also just coincidence, or should we conclude that if an intelligent alien entity seeks to communicate in threes (as seems to be the case in the three sightings mentioned above) we should expect some cataclysm in the near future? The communication could be intended to warn humanity about an approaching apocalyptical event, or may be simply foreshadow that event.


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