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UFO: Alien-like activity hovers over Mexican volcano

November 8, 2012 is a night when one witness, Scott C. Waring will remember for a while. On this fateful night, he witnessed a UFO moving over Popocatepeti Volcano in Mexico. What makes this particular sighting even stranger is that it was not the first time it had happened. Rather, it was the third sighting of such an object in the course of one week.

In the witness accounts posted from UFO Sightings Daily, Scott C. Waring goes on to explain what he was doing on that interesting night.

“I was watching this cam last night and yes, this object was there.”

He then goes to state in his report that he had not recorded this particular sighting, even though it was becoming a regular occurrence.

“I did not record it, but it seems to come for the last few nights.”

According to the witness, Scott C. Waring the volcano is such a hot bed of strange alien related activity that getting to see something worth reporting about only takes half an hour or so.

“This volcano is a hotbed for UFO activity and seeing a UFO is just a matter of spending 30-60 minutes on the cam.”

The witness suggested that the reason for such activity must be related to a base of some kind for the UFOs. How else would one explain the strange happenings occurring near this particular mountain in Mexico?

“This volcano has to be the entrance to a massive underground base. Why is there so many UFOs seen near it this week?”

Plenty of people should be asking themselves these questions regarding the activities going on at the entrance of Popocatepeti Volcano. Footage posted by the said witness on November 11, 2012 three days after the fact seem to show UFOs flying about the place at the top of the active volcano’s entrance.

Scott C. Waring simply believes that such strange activities are a sign of bigger and more shocking things to come.

Who will blame him for thinking that? After all, according to the Mayan Calendar, the world as we all know it will end on December 21, 2012. This is something that Scott C. Waring truly believes in, as evidenced by his conclusion on this witness account.

“There has to be something big about to happen soon and with December 21, 2012 only 40 days, 13 hours, 30 minutes, 11 seconds, left, but who is counting?”

It is important to note that the volcanoes like Popocatepeti can produce objects from deep in the ground should they erupt leading people to question what these things are. The absence of scientific expertise in identifying such objects leads people to make their own conclusions.


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