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UFO: Volcano suggests alien activities

November 9, 2012 may just have been an ordinary day for billions of people in the world, but not in Mexico at the Volcano Popocatepeti. Hardly had a full day passed since his last UFO sighting, than Scott C. Waring, an ardent UFOlogist had another encounter with the same.
On that fateful day while watching the active volcano at work, the witness, Scott C. Waring, managed to snag footage of the strange encounters at the entrance of the mountain this time during the day.
In his witness account posted on November 10, 2012 at UFO Sightings Daily, an online forum for UFO witnesses, Scott describes what he was doing at the time of the sighting as well as the shape of the strange object moving about at the entrance of the volcano.
“While watching the live Mexico Volcano cam I happened to see this ling white UFO heading to the volcano.”
Scott then explains what he decided to do next in order to get proof of his sighting  of the UFO that he saw.
In his witness account, he goes on to say, “I began copying the still photos the cam takes and put them together in this video.”
Scott decided to try to change the contrast of his video footage for better viewing. This is something he does confirm in his witness account that he posted on UFO Sightings Daily by writing, “I did alter the contrast so it could be seen better.”
Scott C. Waring, as a veteran UFOlogist, has posted various witness accounts online of UFOs that he has seen in the past. He therefore has some experience with how these objects look like. According to him, this is not the first time that he had seen such objects at the mouth of the Volcano Popocatepeti in Mexico. In fact, he admitted to seeing similar UFO the previous week before his latest encounter.
“This UFO seems very similar to the long white UFO seen last week entering the mouth of the volcano.”
The witness goes on to describe what happened after the white cylindrical object entered into the entrance of the mouth of the volcano despite him waiting for at least a quarter an hour to see what would happen after.
“The UFO never came out the other side. I waited for twenty minutes but nothing.”
Scott then concluded that it was just a waste of time to wait any longer. As far as he was concerned, it was gone.
“It was gone,” he concluded in his witness account.
Volcanoes are quite unpredictable things. They have been known to erupt spewing objects that lay dormant in the deep underground for thousands of years. Some of these objects are unidentifiable.


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