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NBA player witnesses UFO activity over Manhattan

The Nets point guard, Deron Williams describes an encounter with an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) that occurred on Monday, October 2012 in downtown Manhattan, New York, USA, when hurricane Sandy was battering the area. According to a report obtained from UFO Sightings Daily archives, which featured extracts froma November 10th interview with GQ Magazine, Deron Williams describes how that strange moment came to be.

Williams was answering a question on his version of a ‘New York Moment’:wthat made him think that his city was unique.

Well, I don't know if you'd call this a "New York moment,” but I definitely saw something I had never seen before, during Hurricane Sandy.”

The extracts obtained from UFO Sightings Daily, (run by Scott C. Waring, TaiwanESL School owner, writer, and UFOlogist) contain more information about this strange encounter by the Nets point guard. In these extracts, Deron Williams goes on to describe the conditions prior to the UFO sighting he had, on that fateful day.

“That night all the power went out, everywhere. I was standing out on my balcony, looking out into the black night sky.”

According to the Nets point guard, this just the beginning. The blackout provided a backdrop for an extraordinary sight across the skies of lower Manhattan, despite the raging storm that was Hurricane Sandy.

“Out of nowhere, I saw this big green flash across the sky.”

That is when he realized that what he was seeing was not something ordinary. “At first I thought it was lightning, but then I realized that that was not a possibility.Instead, I realized that I was encountering the extraordinary, a UFO, in the middle of one of the worst storms ever tohit New York. It was remarkable and a bit shocking.”

“It was not lightning,” he said. “It looked... It looked like a UFO.”

In answer to the interviewer’s disbelieving voice, Deron Williams goes on to assert that what he saw that day was really something alien, possibly not of this world. According to him, what he saw during the raging Hurricane Sandy was indeed a Unidentified Flying Object. That much, to him, was clear.

“A UFO; I am telling you, man.”

In answer to the questions thrown at him by the GQ Magazine reporter who was interviewing him, Deron Williams was adamant that what he saw that day was something he had never seen before in his life.

“I do not know man; I had never seen anything like that before.”

While it is possible to see colors in the sky that can be attributed to Aurora, in this case, that explanation is not very likely. The aurora borealis is hardly if ever seen in the lower Manhattan skies.


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