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UFO: Alien ship sighted on Moon's surface

A witness made a startling discovery of an ancient alien ship crash landing on the surface of the moon. While the original discovery was made in July2011, the actual footage was submitted and subsequently posted on UFO Sightings Daily on November 12, 2012 by Scott C. Waring, the website owner.

The footage, which consist of still pictures, as well as video footage obtained courtesy of YouTube, shows the earth’s moon as a scene of alien activity. According to the witness, who shall remain anonymous to protect his identity, NASA captured the UFO footage.

His statement contained in the UFO Sightings Daily database reads, “NASA's Apollo 16 captured a strange object on the Moon surface.

The witness then goes on to describe the strange objects on the moon’s surface citing its cylindrical shape. “This object is about 2, 5 kilometers long (1, 5 miles).  I think that probably an alien ship has crash landed on the moon.  I’m sure it crashed on the moon. We can clearly see a huge crater behind it.

He also asserts that there is another reason as to why the alien ship has crash landed on the earth’s moon as opposed to landing safely.“The object looks broken, and damaged. We can also see a strange square-shaped face at the end of the object.   These observations are borne out by NASA's Apollo 16 mission which captured a strange object on the Moon surface, bearing all the markings that the witness attributed to it.

While the statements about the UFO sightings may sound incredible to some, they are actually not far from the truth according to UFOlogist Scott C. Waring. In his supporting statements, made as part of this particular sighting on the moon’s surface on the UFO Sightings Daily website, he goes on to assert that the Apollo 20 mission was actually meant for recovery of alien technology.

Apollo 20 mission (not the sci-fi movie) was supposed to be a recovery of alien technology for a long cigar ship, similar to this but in Deporte Crater.

He also supports the witness’ assertions that the crash landing must have taken place in relation to the ancient alien ship on the surface of the earth’s moon.Waring asserts that “it looks like part of it has been salvaged at the back or badly damaged. Look at its upper lines…perfect.

There are plenty of theories, scientific or otherwise, as to what the strange objects on the moon may be. With absence of a plausible scientific explanation, however, it is not hard to see why UFO beliefs are strengthening.


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