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UFO activity sighted over Orlando

A witness has described seeing UFOs in the skies over Orlando, Florida, at 18:30 hours above his house near Orlando International Airport on November 10, 2012. This report has been obtained from the archives of UFO Sightings Daily, an online UFO reporting website run by Scott C. Waring.  When not tracking and recording UFO sightings, Waring is a writer and the owner of an ESL school in Taiwan.  He has been following UFOs for many years.

The witness went on to describe the appearance and direction of the strange UFOs that he saw in the skies over his hometown.He stated in the UFO Sightings Daily witness account, “We saw a number of  UFOs which were round fireballs red-orange in color, approximately 1500 feet in the air, moving in the flight pattern of planes landing or taking off from Orlando International Airport. But these were not planes”

The witness describes further the behavior of the mysterious fireballs in the sky. “The fireballs flew over my house.  No sound was emitted.  I reckon they were traveling 10 feet every 6 seconds.”

“We saw approximately 10 of these balls,” the witness explained in his testimony, submitted to the UFO Sightings Daily. “They kept coming and going. It started with two, then there were four, and then back to two.  After that, there was one which looked as if it flew right over a commercial plane.”According to the witness, the last one came dangerously close to the plane flying nearby.“It was a near miss,” he stated in his testimony.

“This video was taken in the front yard of our house. You can hear my daughters talking about what they were seeing.  They realize that something strange is happening. One of them suggests that these were candles. Please!  It was an extraordinary sight”

The witness is quite sure that what he saw that fateful evening over the skies of Orlando, Florida, was of alien origin.“The amateur video that my daughter took could have been better, but nevertheless this was a spectacular sighting. Sure, it was very close to OIA (Orlando International Airport), but these were not man-made planes. They were something not of this world in my opinion.”

It is not usual for people to try to explain what such strange occurrences could be. Such sightings may be attributed to scientifically explainable objects, such as planes or flares, or weather balloons. At other times, though, alien UFOs seem to be the only answer that makes any sense at all.


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