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UFO: Huge alien craft caught over Mexican volcano

A large UFO, caught on live camera on November 15, 2012, emerged from the mouth of the volcano in Puebla City, Mexico. The unidentified object was 150 m wide and almost 1 km long, making it one of the largest UFOs ever  reported in the region of Mexico.

The sighting was reported from Mount Popocatepetl, Mexico. From the video uploaded to UFO Sightings Daily, November 17, 2012, you can see clearly how large the object was.

The camera was a still video camera, installed to monitor the Mount Popocatepetl volcanic activity. On the bottom of the video, viewers can see the date, November 15, 2012, and the time that the sighting occurred, beginning at 05:04:57.

The beginning of the video shows Mount Popocatepl from a wide angle, capturing the whole body of the mountain. It was supposed to be another boring morning captured by that still video, when there was no volcanic activity expected from the mountain.

But suddenly the bright and large substance appeared from the crater of the mountain. It looked like a giant fireball. Seconds later, the giant bright ball ejected an object into the sky.  The object, with the same colors and the same brightness as the giant fireball, hovered around the sky for a while and then began to disappear.

The amazing thing about the object was its length. It has been calculated at about 1 km long. Viewers can take a better look of it when the video is zoomed to the medium angle. Since the speed of that object when flying into the sky was very fast, the video then zoomed in again, this time in slow motion, so viewers can see the whole process of how the object came out the giant fireball and flew into the sky.

Scott C. Warring, UFO Sightings Daily founder, analyzing the video, and amazed with the length and speed of the object said, “I noticed the UFO looks like it was flying at an incredible speed, probably from an almost standing still position within the crater.”

“Another interesting thing was the size and length of the object. I calculated, it was about 150 to 200 meters across and almost 1 km long,” Waring explained.

This sighting is not the first one reported from the Mount Popocatepetl area. The second highest mountain in Mexico, with the elevation of 5,4 km, is a regular place for UFO sightings. In fact, the latest sighting before the appearance of this 1km long object, was exactly a week before, when witnesses recorded a  video showing a strange cylindrical object hovering above the mountain.

The November 17th sighting may be closely related to the sighting happened in October 26, 2012, when a similarly positioned video captured another strange object, also about 1 km in length, which flew over the mountain, and then plunged into the crater.


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