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UFO: Holographic-like entity uncloaks over Antarctica

Hans G, a regular reader of UFO Sightings Daily managed to spot UFOs within the Continent of Antarctica on November 30, 2012 . The sighting occurred between 12:05-12:10 pm on that day, although Scott C. Waring only posted it on December 5, 2012.

The witnessing of this kind of UFOs is becoming an everyday affair with each day revealing more of the alien characteristic that were previously hidden for the human population. There have been many UFO sightings and recordings all over the Earth as well as around the Earth’s corona and even on Mars. So, this sighting of “Semi-cloaked UFOs” is not a one-off occurrence.

According to the report posted by Waring of UFO Sightings daily, the UFO sighting was made on Mawson Scientific station. Hans G, the witness who brought the sighting to the attention of the founder of the UFO reporting site did manage to obtain evidence of the UFOs on several screenshots. He also filmed the whole sighting. This is something Waring alluded to on his posted report on the even when he wrote that Hans G “He caught the UFO on several screenshots and a video.”

Unfortunately, like many other witnesses to alien events Hans G. must have been over-excited.  “I was really excited to see a UFO and I was trying to work so fast that I didn’t see everything properly. As a result, I did not manage to obtain video footage that I could work with and present as evidence.” Waring did state something to this effect: “Sadly the video did not work.” Fortunately, for this veteran UFOlogists the screenshots he obtained from Hans G. were great. In fact Waring stated in his December 5, 2012 posting that “these shots are fantastic!”

Waring then goes on to describe what has been shown on the screenshots he obtained from the witness of the Antarctic UFO sightings. “As you can see, the objects in question appear as a semi-transparent disk that moves past the cam.” It is important to note that the “cam” in this case refers to the live web camera that was installed in Mawson Station in Antarctica.

Overall, there are six screenshots according to Waring. However, he only uploaded two of them that he considers “great captures.” The December 5th report also features edited video footage from the Australian Antarctica Division of that UFO sighting on Mawson Scientific Station. It is a great piece of the puzzle on the activities of aliens and UFOs on earth. Waring is therefore quite grateful to Hans G. for the heads up: “Thank you Hans for this report.”


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