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Mayan Calendar: Aliens spawn Pyramid Power toward End of Times

As we approach the “end of the world” according to the Mayan calendar, many people are asking themselves whether this ancient culture know something that we don’t. If they could predict the end of the world, did they know something about its origins. That is, did they know where humans came from?

It seems unlikely that Adam and Eve popped up in the Garden of Eden and went on to populate the world, not least because they seem not to have had a daughter, a prerequisite for a next generation. Darwin presented the Theory of Evolution as an explanation, one widely accepted by the scientific community of the 20th century, but criticized for inconsistencies by those who don’t like the idea that life on earth began in some primordial soup.

Then there are those who do not think that life began on earth at all, but rather that humans devolved from a considerably more advanced race that came to our planet millions, if not billions of years ago.

One interesting, and quite appealing, theory put forward by scholars like Dr. Michael Cremo, supported by African elders and shamans like Credo Mutwa, suggests that originally humans were beings of empathy, love and peace. Unfortunately the forces of darkness made an appearance and have dominated us ever since. In fact, modern man is a pathetic devolution from regressive aliens who use "Pyramid Power" to keep control over us. Is this why pyramids feature in ancient cultures such as the Mayans? Moreover, it also appears that the regressive aliens can only maintain "Pyramid Power" by keeping us humans ignorant of our true origins.

These regressive aliens are known as Archons and they are not extraterrestrials, in that, they, in fact, developed here on Earth along with us humans, but from a parallel reality that humans sometimes apparently perceive as "UFOs". The ancient Pagan Gnostics referred to them as “artificial man”. These Archons based upon the insights of Dr. John Lash, are artificial intelligences who parasitize the minds of select humans who posses compatible "service-to-the self" ego -riven mentalities. Archons exist independently of us, yet they exert a significant influence on our behaviour. They are – and this is hard to get one’s head around -- aspects of our own humanity conscience and independent alien entities at the same time.

Archons take advantage of our free will by exploiting the human ego in a way that enslaves us, and humans, to the oppressive tendencies of the Archons. As beings of free will, we, as humans, must be aware of the tendency of the Archons to mis-direct us, as humans, from reaching our potential to be beings of empathy, love and peace.

Through control of selected "humans vessels" who act as archontic hosts in key positions in systems of organized religion, in politics and economic development,in the entertainment industry, the military and in education, the "Demiurge" or "Lord Archon" seeks ti orchestrate life on earth, and to manipulate the global economy, initiate wars; and controlling politics through venal political organizations.

The motivations of the Archons can sometimes be unclear. Control is an obvious apparent overall motivation, but to what end? Nigel Kerner offers one explanation. The Archons want from humans what they lack – a soul. In this lies the salvation of the human race.  

Archons lack soul, so based upon Dr. John Lash's ancient Pagan Gnostic research, if we can transcend material things and live in a world which embraces our spirituality that is liberated from the hierarchical control associated with organized religions, we will be on a path to free of the influence of the Archons and toward re-embracing the origins of our true human ancestors.


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