Extraterrestrial: Gold on Mars suggests ex-military officer


Scott. C. Waring owner of the UFO Sightings Daily who had also worked in the military, claims of having seen pictures of Google Mars that depict the presence of large Gold reservoirs on Mars.

According to the picture he posted on his site large patches of gold are evident strewn all over the hills like areas on Mars. Since most of the Mars pictures published by NASA are colourless, Waring explains it as an attempt to hide the Gold present on the planet. According to Waring, the find is amazing and the massive amounts of gold may be the possible reason why NASA is so keen on changing the original color of the Mars photos, so that other nations may remain in the dark related to these massive gold reservoirs.

 The pictures available on Google Mars indicating the finding when checked through the Google Mars Ruler, point to the area depicted in the picture to be spread over 12 km in one deposit region whereas the other part is almost 33.4 km long.

Waring accuses Google of being under influence of the US, as the pictures received of the planet from Google Mars are tampered with by NASA and the true pictures are not revealed to the general public or to the rest of the world. What NASA plans to do by hiding all that gold from the eyes of the remaining world is not hard to speculate, however how they are going to do it and how costly it will be is a question only time will answer.

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