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UFO: Alien technology appears over Denver, Colorado

Disclose.tv - Latest Unseen UFOs Land Launch Over Denver 2012 Inner Space Rods Interdimensional IR Infrared Alien

DiscloseTV, whose tagline is “truth revealed”, lives up to its name by releasing all manner of news items that may slip by the general public.  Their 18 November 2012 report was actually carried on Fox News 31, Denver and covered the sighting of a UFO above the Mile High City.  Described by the news anchor as a “Mile High Mystery”, this sighting has laymen and experts alike scratching their heads.

The person who reported this sighting asked to remain anonymous (not always a good sign), but Fox sent its own camera men to the very same location to check out his story.  They set up their cameras, exactly as he had, and amazingly, they captured the very same images.  The UFO remains unidentified.  Even the expert that Fox News called in was unable to come up with  an explanation. As is often the case with UFOs, this one was faster than could reasonably be expected of a terrestrial craft.  Its movements were unpredictable, and it behaved in a way that no witness had ever seen before. 

A blogger on Disclose TV commented “This, in my opinion, is one of the most illuminating pieces of UFO evidence out there now.”  Clearly, he had never seen anything like it before.  Nor it seems has anyone else.


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