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Extraterrestrial: Astronomer discovers Gold on Mars

Normally Mars is known as the Red Planet.  Should that actually be the Gold Planet?  Scott C. Waring, founder and manager of the website UFOSightingsDaily.com thinks that gold is the new red.  Waring’s site collects and reports many UFO sightings and other strange events, and he spends his time, when he is not teaching English as a Foreign Language in Bangkok, studying images on NASA websites and Google Mars.

His latest discovery on Google Mars is what seems to be huge deposits of gold just lying on the surface waiting to be collected. By using the Google Mars Ruler, Waring estimates that one deposit is 33.4 km long while another is about 12km long.  That is a lot of gold.

Waring suggests that NASA may have blurred the images, or altered the colors so that other nations are not aware of the massive amounts of gold that are there for the taking.  An extreme sceptic posted this comment; “I have some experience with gold recovery, ore/placer. This makes me think that someone molded a landscape from grey plasticiene(sic) and touched it up with gold paint. Then photographed it with a macro lens. Now I could be wrong, as I'm only an earther with no space prospecting experience.”

Waring counters with the thought that it would be an unnecessarily arduous task for NASA to do so much counterfeiting, which is probably true.  Go to UFOSightingsDaily.com and judge for yourself.


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