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UFO shoots laser toward Wind Turbines

There are many in the United States who objects to wind turbines, most notably the energy industry which sees the development of alternative fuel sources as a threat to their survival.  Now it seems that there are aliens who feel the same way.

In a video posted on UFOsightingsdaily.com by founder and manager Scott C. Waring, a UFO seemingly shoots something, (lasers? unknown technology?) at a group of wind turbines.  The location is not identified and the men who filmed the video refer to remain anonymous, but there are clues.  The narrator of the video speaks in Spanish most of the time, but twice says “Oh my God”.  It is not a great leap of imagination, therefore, to place them in the American Southwest where many people speak Spanish but are also conversant in English.  Turbines are another clue pointing to this area.

A UFO is clearly visible in the video, taken with a simple point and shoot camera.  What is not so clear is the contention that the UFO was shooting at the turbines. One has to wonder why aliens (presumably) would be threatened by windmills.  A UFO is an unidentified flying object.  Could this one have been sent by an alien race with highly advanced technology, or could it have been a low-tech ploy by fossil fuel companies to put turbines out of business?


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