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UFO: Red light orbs travel over Calgary, Alberta

In the Northern Hemisphere, lights are a very important part of Christmas.  Nevertheless, a Calgary resident was sufficiently surprised by lights in the sky to report the sighting to the Alberta UFO Study Group.  The sighting took place at 7:45pm on Christmas Day 2012 in the Millrise area of Calgary, Alberta.
“I had just started the car to warm it up so I could to take mom and my sister home after an early Christmas dinner. On the way back into the house I noticed four intensely red lights in the southwest sky.  They were moving steadily northwards ” the witness said.  “I watched them in surprise. They were about 20 degrees up from the horizon.”


“The fact that there were four lights made me think of the Big Dipper, but I soon realized that they were in the wrong part of the sky.  Plus they were red. Very soon they started to disappear.  It was as if the sky became overcast, or a mist blew in.  When there was just one left I dashed into the house and called my mother to have a look.”

The mother only caught a brief glimpse of the object before it, too, disappeared.  The witness could not explain these objects, nor did an online search turn up any news. “Likely it was some prank, but minus 25 degrees is pretty cold to be out pranking.”


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