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UFO: Sun-encircling like Cube sighted over Russia

December 26, 2012 was the day that two cube-shaped UFOs were spotted over Russia. The sighting was reported to Scott Waring, an ESL teacher and UFOlogist, at ufosightingsdaily.com; the website he maintains to keep the public informed about what is out there.  As he says, “I seek the truth.”

While the cube is not, for us, an intuitively aerodynamic shape, these re not the first cube-shaped UFOs to be seen recently.  A number have been spotted on NASA’s SOHO live cam in the vicinity of the Sun, as well as a sighting near Utica, NY at approximately 7:30am on 8/27/11, which describes the cubes as “almost exactly identical to the UFO that my boys and I witnessed.”

The Utica resident thought that the differences could easily be explained by differences in time of day and sunlight, a view that Waring agrees with. He feels that UFOs are more visible at sunset when the sun bounces off their shields.

These two strange UFOs that are shaped more like a cube than anything else were seen over Russia this week during sunset. Sunset is the time when an UFOs cloak is most vulnerable because the light is being bent in an odd way, more than 180 degrees from the sun to the UFO making the UFO reveal itself for a few minutes.


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