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UFO travels through Wormhole over Turkey

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On Wednesday, December 19, 2012 Scott C.Waring of UFOSightingsDaily.com posted details of a UFO sighting over Ankara, Turkey which occurred on December 14, 2012, accompanied by a video.  The witness who shot the video stated "there was not a cloud in the sky."


Waring comments that, “this giant disk object was over a building. If you look carefully at 18-21 seconds into the video, you will clearly see a white UFO shoot out of the large UFO.”   Waring has been studying UFOs for many years, and in his opinion this was a genuine UFO, shorthand for alien space craft. “The fact that this tiny white craft comes out of the bottom of the mothership is proof that this is 100% real. Fake videos never take such details into account. This is real.”


As so often happens, the UFO was only visible for a short time.  Waring’s explanation is that UFOs are covered by cloaks which bend light around the craft, but “at sunset the cloak fails to do this evenly and for a few minutes will be revealed.”  Another possible explanation is that UFOs enter and leave our atmosphere through wormholes, theoretical tunnels with their ends in separate points in spacetime. It seems likely that the mothership craft entered through a wormhole and dropped off the small craft which can be seen to shoot off at high speed.



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