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UFO: Thailand witnesses spot alien entity

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A sighting of a UFO over a park in Thailand, was seen by a large crowd, captured on numerous cellphones, and reported on Thai TV on 27 December 2012.  The sighting was reported on December 30th to the UFOlogy site, UFOsightingsdaily.com, owned and operated by Scott C. Waring.  Wring has been gathering information on UFOs for a number of years.  He is also an ESL teacher in Taiwan.

He described the newscast: “In it they talk about a disk the size of a car which was seen flying low and close to the tree tops.”  Although the broadcast is all in Thai without subtitles, there is an image of the UFO as described by Waring.  Other shots show excited members of the crowd, mostly young women, with their cell-phones.  As Waring says, “Many girls in the news cast show their cell phones and photos of the UFO are on them.”  He expects that more videos and photos of the UFO will be released in the coming days.

It is hard to dismiss an object that was seen by multiple witnesses.  It was, as Waring said “an amazing sighting.”  What it was, remains to be seen.


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