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Extraterrestrials: Connecticut mass-shooting may reveal an alien Archons

The news these days is a depressing litany of one act of barbarism after another: car bombs in Afghanistan, civil war in Syria, gang rape in India and mass murder in the US.  Twenty children and six adults who tried to save them, dead in a matter of minutes, firefighters ambushed when responding to a call.  Time and time again we ask ourselves, “How could anyone do this to a fellow human being?”  Are these people monsters?  Where do they come from?

A number of thinkers believe that they can answer those questions.  The likes of Gerry Zeitlin, David Icke, Dr. John Lash and Alex Collier will tell you that the "channelers" and perpetrators of unspeakable acts are, in fact, manifestations of regressive alien parasitic entities and not our fellow human beings at all.  They are regressive aliens from another dimension, a sort of “holographic universe”.

The theories behind this are sometimes a little hard to follow, but the ideas go back to the ancient Pagan Gnostics, although the terminology is decidedly modern.   The Pagan Gnostics were convinced that there are among us human-looking aliens whose goal is to dominate the real human population through receptive individual minds and the collective consciousness.  They called these entities Archons,that over the centuries they have fed us lies about our origins. 

According to Gerry Zeitlin, both Creationism and Darwin's "Theory of Evolution” are nothing but alien deceptions.  Presumably the Archons have also fuelled the flames to get adherents on both sides to argue vigorously that either we were created by God, or we evolved from an ape-like state. 

The Pagan Gnostic-inspired theory is that humans are from another part of the universe where they live in a higher state of being and consciousness in mind, body and in spirit.  Alex Collier is a voluntary contactee who has been in touch with Human Extraterrestrials.  From them, he has learned,about Off-world humans who live in societies totally free of oppression or social injustice, and where acts of violence against other humans would be unthinkable.

Unfortunately, this Utopian existence did not suit the Archons plans so they captured some of these Off-world humans and de-evolved them into what today are terrestrial human beings. These de-evolved beings reportedly consist of "the masses" and those "humans" who are without souls, and therefore, without a conscience that acts as operatives for an ego-driven "Archontic caste".

This is a pretty good description of Adam Lanza, the 20-year old who stormed Sandy Hook Elementary School and slaughtered so many innocents. It could also describe William Spengler, who set his house alight to lure firefighters to their deaths.  Caligula, Vlad the Impaler, Hitler, Idi Amin, Osama bin Laden. The list goes on.  There are, and have been, some very unpleasant people in this world.

It may be comforting to blame aliens for these atrocities, (it wasn’t us) but that does nothing to solve the problem of hideous violence against humans.


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