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UFO explodes over Sacramento, California

Elijah Prychodzko nearly sold his video of an exploding UFO on Craigslist.  He changed his mind and offered it instead to Cody Stark of Good Day Sacramento via Facebook.

Prychodzko had had his telescope out round 5:05 PM, December 20, 2012, when he spotted a UFO.

 "I saw something that I'd never seen before. I saw another object orbiting this - whatever it was up there, and I've never seen anything like that before," he said.  Using his cell-phone he began videoing the object through his telescope. "Oh my God, it just blew up. Something blew up," he's heard saying on the video.


Prior to airing a report about the explosion, Cody Stark and CBS13 showed the video to experts, hoping to solve the mystery. Dr. Stephen P Maran, author of Astronomy for Dummies, was at a loss to explain it, stating "My personal opinion is that it is not an astronomical event."  A Vatican expert suggested that it could be some sort of light refraction.


"I have something on video no one has ever seen” Prychodzko told Cody. Certainly no one is able to explain what the two objects were doing above Sacramento, not why one suddenly exploded.


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