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UFO streaks across British Columbia Skies

An eye-witness report of a bluish-white object streaking across the sky was reported to MUFON on 26 December 2012.   The witness was driving with her mother near Sechelt, British Columbia on Christmas Day. “The orb-like object appeared streaking across the sky from east to west,” the witness said. “It was travelling very fast just above the tree line.”

At first the witness thought that is was a natural phenomenon, but explained why she soon changed her mind: “I first thought the object was a shooting star, but it did not leave a trail like a shooting star, and it was raining which reduces the chances of seeing a shooting star drastically, as they would not often go below cloud coverage.”

The entire sighting lasted just a few seconds, but the UFO followed a clear trajectory. “The object was moving fast, towards the ocean and turned dark for a very short time then lit up again, still moving on the same path.”


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