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UFO organizations get new advertising outlet

Even in the age of Facebook, email and Twitter, people with similar interests like to get together and talk about their passion.  The usual outlet for this is individual meetings, symposia and conferences.  From time to time, the topic of a conference is sufficiently controversial that it is difficult to find a venue.  In New England, for example, several venues have withdrawn their support for gun shows in the aftermath of the Newtown shooting.  In upstate New York, a community college nearly derailed a symposium on renewable energy seen to be anti-fracking.


Researchers into UFOs and aliens find the same opposition.  Now The Canadian is making it easier for UFO research organizations to advertise events. While the corporate mass media may marginalize or even shun such get-togethers, The Canadian embraces the open-mindedness of the UFO researchers and actively promotes the dissemination of reports of encounters with aliens or sightings of UFOs.


The Canadian invites and welcomes notices and advertisements of upcoming events which give the public an opportunity to learn more about our place in the cosmos and the very real possibility that those who believe “we are not alone” are right.


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