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UFO writers get new outlet for facilitating debate

Ever since the first modern report of a mysterious flying object  (a bright object reported over Maracaibo, Venezuela by the US Consul in 1886 which caused symptoms similar to radiation sickness), there has been debate about the possibility that some UFOs, that is, unidentified flying objects, are actually alien spacecraft.

The many UFO researchers in the world today have accumulated a compelling body of evidence to suggest that this is so.  However, in spite of polls that show more people in the UK believe in aliens than believe in God, there is a huge amount of scepticism among the general public.  Up until now, there were few places where a rational discussion could occur with both the believers and the sceptics presenting their cases.

Now, The Canadian, a non-profit, cross-cultural national newspaper ,  is offering an outlet to facilitate discussion. People from both sides of the debate are invited to submit thoughtful commentaries on UFO research topics. These may be based on personal experience or that of friends and acquaintances, or they may be reactions to the many UFO-related articles archived on The Canadian's website. Whether you support the idea of aliens among s, or whether you think the idea is preposterous, let us know your thoughts, and be prepared to back up your arguments with evidence.


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