UFO sighted jumps erratically over Creede, Colorado

What did a Colorado witness and report to the Mutual UFO Network of having seen over Creede, Colorado at 12:00 AM on 9 January 2013?


Looked out window, seen bright strobing star like object larger and brighter than other stars, hovered in place for at least 2 hours, still there while writing this report, def objects with various colors strobing or spinning very fast and one is much closer and much brighter very distinct, seen many other airplanes in sky at the time, very obvious distinction between the two, convinced its not helicopter or plane, one moved eventually away from us and out of clear sight with the other two still there at this moment.


Extremely wired, I feel like its definitely not any known aircraft and I’ve been around many types of aircraft. First one jumped in various directions really fast then left slowly, with the other two still here, and still looks like they are spinning. I can’t get them on camera, outside temp 8 F, and its dark.


We live at 9000 feet elevation. Pretty weird.


This report has been edited for clarity.


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