UFO: Aliens exit Moon says UFO Astronomer


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Scott Waring who edits UFO Sightings Daily does extensive research on current and archival NASA photos which have escaped an alleged censor board which seeks to delete evidence of alien activities. 


Mr. Waring who had been in the military when he had lived in the U.S. now claims to have seen evidence of alien activities on the Moon from NASA archival sources.  Mr. Waring alleges to have seen a UFO exiting a "doorway" on the Moon.


"I was looking over old Apollo 14 mission photos when I came across two that caught some serious action on the moon's surface. I mean to say a door opened on the moons surface revealing blackness within and a circular fan like object of massive proportions. The second photo shows the same but taken few seconds after the first…and has a UFO coming out of the black doorway in the moon."


Mr. Waring enlarged the photo to make the doorway more easy to see.


"At first I thought it was a flaw in the photo, then I enlarged it by 20X and saw the detail around the black rectangle…the dirt was curbed downward into the blackness…meaning this was not a mistake in the photo. Not to mention the massively round spaceport located within the underground black area. Inside the darkness of the rectangle the circular ring like spaceport has two arms like a clock but instead of going out…these point to the center. First arm is at the 11 o'clock mark the other at the 3 o'clock mark."


Mr. Waring elaborated on his findings.


"But thats not the strange thing. The really odd news about this is the first and second locations have to be different, yet they are similar which means there are two or more of these openings somewhere in the moon."


Mr. Waring also indicated that he saw another alien entity exiting the Moon.


The second photos showed the same thing but with a disk coming out of the moon! This UFO was sitting over the line between the dark and the light which proves that it is a real object caught in the original photo at the time this photo was taken. The UFO is like nothing I have ever heard described before. It almost seems to be put together from globs of clay. I mean if you took 200 tiny balls of clay and pushed them together they might make such a globular like disk. There is two levels to the UFO, the smaller upper and the larger body…underbody is not visible."


Mr. Waring alleges that thealleged moon photos had been censored.


"Sure its nothing you say…because its easier for you to live with thinking its fake. It would shake up your whole world if you came to realize it was real, but it is real. So real that NASA which had these photos posted 20 years ago no longer have these photos up for the public to view. The Apollo image photos only cover photos AS14-64-9046 up to AS14-78-10399, but these photos are AS14-80-10468 and AS14-80-10511. The number indicates of the two photos seem to indicate that they were of similar objects but probably 25 min away from each other. In conclusion I find that the UFO coming out of the moon and the curvature of the ground in this are proves one of two things."


Mr. Waring then concludes that Moon might be a giant orbiting spacecraft.


"That NASA either made a fake moon and UFO which I doubt but would not put it past them, or Earth's moon is not a moon at all but only appears so on its surface. The moon is actually a massive space station in Earths orbit which can come and go when ever they feel the need. Scott C. Waring."


David Icke and diverse other researchers have also concluded that the Moon in a giant regressive alien UFO, and that the aliens who control the Moon are linked to Archons on Earth that have sought to oppress and undermine the sovereignty of humankind.


Alex Collier presents extensive evidence that the Moon is actually a regressive alien satellite [VIDEO BELOW].  Alex Collier is an Human Ethical Extraterrestrial contactee who has sought to warn humanity about Archons.


Read more? GO TO: ExtraterrestrialNews.com



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