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Moon Reveals Alien Truth - Part 2

It is inevitable, try to understand the origin of unidentified flying objects (UFOs). Our understanding gives us answers that exceed our scientific knowledge, the fact that the vast majority of sightings are often accompanied by phenomena that defy physics. But if we think that in fact there is a developed civilization, endowed with the ability to travel through space at incredible speeds, or manipulate portals that exist around the Earth which for long has visited Earth, yet we would not know their origin.

However, the full understanding of the functioning of these portals is still far from being achieved, but even so, this does not answer the origin of UFOs. Hypothetically, we can imagine that a civilization capable of traveling through the universe or be limited to our solar system, needs a lot of fuel resources, say then that an advanced civilization has created particular interest in the earth and that his scientific curiosity makes them stand watching us.
What would be the best outpost observation and to provide it with mineral resources, necessary for your travels?
The answer - the moon!
Images obtained (attached) from the analysis of the photo http://wms.lroc.asu.edu/lroc_browse/view/M181286769  -
"View From the Other Side", evocative name!
David Icke and other researchers suggest that the Moon is being used by regressive aliens referred to as Archons by John Lash, and that these entities use the Moon as a launching pad to interfere in human sovereignty.