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Extraterrestrial, rendezvous with heavenly bodies

Human beings' fascination about the concept of extraterrestrial life, aliens, unexplained supernatural phenomenon gets a fillip by intermittent occurrences of strange happenings around. People hearing stories about Archon entities ready to penetrate the terrestrial atmosphere to terrorize us sends shivers through the spine of believers of such eventualities. It is firmly believed in certain quarters that there is definitely someone out there watching us develop our capabilities to match their much advanced level of intellectual consciousness and scientific knowledge.

Paranormal researches after death experiences explain that no blood reached the brain while after an animals´ heart stopped beating but still showed the signs of conscious perception. It suggests that something happens at the brink of death that pushes the conscious brain to a higher level of arousal after a cardiac arrest. In the past a story narrated by late seventies old Kashmiri lady declared dead and after the traditional religious burial bath with warm water wrapped in burial attire ready for burial suddenly opened her eyes. The lady was informed that she was confirmed dead and now being readied for the burial, looked around bewildered in a state of shock.

The lady later described her after-death experience saying she perhaps fell asleep and was escorted by two persons dressed in strange looking attires and carried to an unknown destination and upon reaching somewhere never seen before the two were stopped and asked to take her back as the person they had brought was a mistaken identity and when I opened my eyes I found you all around me. The lady, as reported, survived to live for another fifteen years. The scientists believe that as many as a fifth of the people who survive cardiac arrests report having had other-worldly experience while declared clinically dead.

Similar other experiences involve travelling through towards an intense light or being separated from the body and yet others encounter long-departed loved ones undergo some kind of judgment of life-review. Some are reported to emerge as transformed individuals with a completely altered outlook on life and new belief in the hereafter. But the opposite view of some scientists on near death experiences are termed as nothing but hallucinations induced by the effect of the brain shutting down.

David Treybig, Pastor at Church of God, while mentioning what Bible has to say about Extraterrestrial Life says that humans have long searched for signs of other life. Our fascination and curiosity to know if there is anything (or anyone) else that resembles us is ever increasing. He further says "Interest in contact with aliens is not just the grist of science fiction but a real-life passion for many devoted to the search for other life forms. On a job transfer near Roswell, New Mexico I learned of July 04, 147, the date of an alleged crash landing of an alien ship a few miles northwest of the city. The next day's newspaper reported that the commander of the nearby U.S. Army base confirmed that a ‘flying saucer’ had indeed crashed into the desert the previous evening".

Treybig initially gives the hope that Bible has something to talk about Extraterrestrial Life but soon augments spiritual aspect of the whole concept by saying "Bible reveals that there is Extraterrestrial intelligent life, but does not speak of aliens who live on other planets. Although new possibilities and questions continue to arise as quickly as old ones are rejected, one simple fact remains: we have no scientific evidence of intelligent life beyond this planet".

The proponents of scientism, on the other hand, believe in methods of research and results based on knowledge, investigation and findings and for the same reason there´s a conflict between scientism and religion. A report by swissinfo.ch revealed that a team of Swiss and French astronomers detected the most distant galaxy 13.23 billion light years (1 light year =9460730472580800 metres exactly) away from earth. The discovery, it is believed, will help astronomers to explore the so-called unknown territories or the boundaries between the dark ages and the "cosmic Renaissance".

The distance mentioned of discovered galaxy as 13.23 billion light years should be enough for believers in religion or scientism come to common terms and draw a conclusion that existence of Extraterrestrial Life seems to be a possibility in far-off galaxies which are not reachable or accessible taking into consideration the distance man has to travel. This gives credence to the belief that the hereafter exists and perhaps the souls believed to remain intact after death travel or are carried to the far-off galaxies for further spiritual pronouncements and manifestations by God or Creator.

History available may not throw light on whether our planet was ever destroyed but we have strong evidence that past civilizations have completely been destroyed many times over and rebuilt from zero. Looking at the weapons of mass destruction lying around on our planet, anyone can say without any iota of doubt that our planet can be annihilated to a state never seen before.

Billions of years survival involving, perhaps, a time machine fast enough to cross the barriers of billions of light years to reach a particular galaxy will be required to say ´hello´ to our departed souls of relations and friends. All major religions do believe in stars and galaxies and life beyond our planet, perhaps misunderstood due to limited knowledge spiritualising factuality. And in conclusion, the whole concept with the yardstick of rationality may possibly be interpreted as ´the hereafter´.


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