UFO: Texas witness reports 10-ft tall Alien


The following is an unedited MUFON report of an alleged alien sighting at 7:20 PM on 17 September 2013 in Texas.


When arriving on the property home from work I drove down the drive way, and when approaching the opening to see the house I observed an entity that was approximately eight in a half foot tall to ten foot tall. It came from the direction of the house from the edge of the grass.


 I would have never noticed it if it wouldnt have been reflective of the sun light that evening. It then proceeded to cross the drive way in what looked like three steps, which the drive would usually take a normal man to cross in about 15 to 20 large steps. I noticed it was a chrome color very reflective I could see it had arms and legs but could not see the hands or feet almost like they were cupped.


I also observed it had a pointed-elongated head almost Egyptian like.


It then disappeared into the wooded pasture. Now while heading to and from work or while driving out in the pasture I feel watched, and I catch glimpses of it on the drive, and dirt road beside the property.

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