Curiosity On Mars: Rocks resemble statute

From Mars, among the thousands of images published by the websites of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory/NASA, are some representing the robot itself and many showing strange places where sometimes you can see curious rocks with less or more enigmatic forms.  


Clear stones, polished ones, sometimes with a beautifully symmetrical profile, massive rocks in a blue-gray colour are present on the red planet.


Many "rocks" with strange shapes are simply placed on the surface of the planet or partially buried.  Amazing, at the Sol 437, Curiosity might have taken photos of pieces belonging to a monument or statue on Mars.


Those strange rocks looks like some unknown broken statue parts and you will be forced to see some weirdness to this place.  


There were also three images from Sol 421 and another from Sol 453, to show that there are on Mars some rocks looking more like pieces of something previously built and then destroyed.  (crops from JPL/NASA images)


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