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Mars: Has Curiosity Seen a UFO After The Light Beam?

On Mars, a mysterious light was captured by the Curiosity rover. A picture shows the beam at the background. In addition, the same day, another image shows a form that could be that of a UFO.

Mars curiosities

The light from the ground was photographed by Curiosity April 3, 2014. A few days later, following the revelation of this discovery by a blogger, the entire world press relayed this subject. All the media speak about " the light beam on Mars".

The flash of light was photographed by one of the two cameras NavCam, at exactly 10:00:03. As there is no bright flash on the photo taken by another NavCam at the same time, the subject promises to be very controversial.

Is the explanation for the light it reflects the vitrifed or not rock surface, reflecting the sunshine, a cosmic ray hitting the detector of the camera or is it really a UFO ? What do we see?

The NASA image shows the light. We can zoom and get pixelation. Given by the lack of symmetry, the light is in fact surely not a "beam". It is probably not of a beam but more a reflection of the ground or from an object. On another image taken at the same day period, not so far from the previous image, the Curiosity rover is showing what could be a UFO.

It appears as a white form in the sky of the red planet, like flying in front of Martian hills. Therefore, the "beam" could be this UFO leaving the red planet the previous minute.Taken at 10:01:05, this second picture is strange too. Again, there is no UFO on the same image on the other NavCam. Mars curiosities indeed.


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