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Manipulative Extraterrestrials linked to disappearing Chinese village

Reports of alien activity and UFO sightings no longer surprise us as we have become quite accustomed to them. We often come across reports of alien abductions, animal mutilations and other alien activities that have become mundane for UFO enthusiasts. However, at times we do come across a few reports of alien activities that are very unusual and fascinating. One such report involves the disappearance of an entire village in China.

An entire village located in the mountainous regions of China disappeared after several UFOs were sighted flying over the area. This information has been obtained from a report published by Chinese website Knowelty.  

Before the village disappeared, eyewitnesses reported seeing 8 lights in the sky that were glowing and rotating. The rotating lights then flew north and disappeared into the sky.

“There was a purple flash and then the clouds turned black. This lasted for awhile and then there was a loud bang like thunder.”

What makes this story even more believable is that the closest nearby highway Xianyang Highway that the villagers would have had to use if they intended to flee their village was reportedly closed off with barriers and soldiers.

Apart from seeing UFOs in the sky, eyewitnesses claimed to see numerous snakes fleeing the area and a number of individuals heading into a nearby nuclear base situated in the Qin Ling Mountains at the time of the incident.

However, the police and military personnel disputed the reports and in fact they claimed that the UFO lights sighted were merely ‘spotlights’. The eyewitnesses further claimed that that a military convoy consisting of tanks, missiles and personnel were seen entering the area following the alleged alien abduction.


This story certainly sounds very intriguing and most people may find it very hard to believe. However, this is not the first time that people have disappeared following reports of alien activity.  


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