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Mistaken for a banner, UFO spotted by New York Motorists

New York motorists today claimed to have seen a massive UFO over the sky while driving on the Outbridge Crossing, with some of the witnesses capturing the videos and posting them online. UFO investigators Secure team 10 uploaded the video after a witness sent it.

The UFO possibly produced vibrations felt by the passerby’s. The object was bemused for a banner for advertising for a long time but on clear vision it was apparent that it was a UFO. A secure Team 10 member Tyler, who uploaded the footage, reportedly said that the UFO was looming over the sky for hours like the scene from the movie, Independence Day. The passerby’s were left intrigued by the incident and sent a number of emails to the Secure Team 10 explaining what they felt and saw. To clear out the confusion, the residents elucidated that there were no planes in the sky and no weather balloons that may have the advertising banners attached along with. They could unmistakably see the large black object hanging in the sky for hours after the heard the noise that made them look for the UFO above in the first place. It is interesting to note that there were several footages that were made at the same time.

There has also been a speculation about the timing of Pokémon Go release and UFO sightings. Others claim that it may be a drone being tested by the government but no news of such testing has been reported so far. The UFO could be seen over the Big Apple as well as New Jersey. The video has over 4 million views causing debate since mysterious objects have been spotted in Shanghai, Manchester as well as Arkansas.

Reports have been there linking NASA’s attempt to block the view of the entry of a UFO earlier this week. The silence of any reliable government agency on the UFO sightings as well as tampering with the live feeds to avoid public panic has long been the preferential speculative of the higher authorities. Still incidents happen and common people are the first to notice.


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