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Two UFOs Videotaped Over Seattle

A Washington witness in Seattle has reported sighting and videotaping two highly reflective squared UFOs. The witness was outside during the day when he noticed two stationary points of lights in the sky. This was in June 21, 2016. The testimony is per case 77300 from the Mutual UFO Network, MUFON, witness reporting database.

“I told a co-worker to go grab my bag which I keep a camcorder in, while I kept an eye on the two objects,” he stated. “I don’t believe they were giving off their own light but rather reflecting the sunlight. I turned on my camcorder and attempted to zoom in on the objects but it was difficult since they were so small and the camera had a hard time focusing in on them. ”

As much as he tried to zoom in on any of them he still could not identify the crafts properly.

“When I got home and was able to view the footage, the object appeared to be a highly reflective, squared, capital H. It had two long, squared pillars with a short bar in the middle, like a capital H.”

He also stated that he continued to record the objects for some time before they slowly went behind the building that he was at. He also confessed to seeing them again but to his right, but this time he was not sure if they had come back or they were totally a different kind of objects that he had not spotted before. And like before, they also went behind the building.

Washington State Section Director Timothy Ward is investigating on the report as most UFOs can be natural, man-made things or just nothing.

So far there have been no more UFO sightings at the location where the witness first saw the objects.