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Two Triangle UFOs Spotted at New Jersey Tree Top Level

A witness at Barnegat Light, New Jersey has reported seeing two triangle- shaped UFOs passing over at the tree top level that quickly moved west. The testimony is per case 76757 from the Mutual UFO Network, MUFON witness reporting database.

The reporting witness and her boyfriend were outside barbecuing on a clear night on June 1, 2016.

“My boyfriend observed the object pass over the tree top with multiple colors, triangle shape, lights all around outside, with very little to no noise,” she stated.

It did night take long before the two spotted another object, same as the other.

“The second object was the same but had only three lights, one on each corner, they also made little to no noise. Both objects headed west, right over our heads. I thought it was either a UFO or a new type of government craft. I did not have a camera and it all happened so fast. ”

Barnegat Light is located in Ocean County in New Jersey.  It is less populated with 574 people, and such weird happenings are unheard of. So far there have been no more such sightings in the region but people are still on the lookout as such things can be simply explained as natural or man-made.

Moreover, given the number of reports that are made each day in relation to UFOs, it can be hard to keep up with what is real and what is not. But as far as the cases go investigations and further digging into the reports is always necessary for clarity, especially for the safety of the people.

As for the case, the new Jersey State Section Director Robert Spearing investigated on the report and decide to close the case as unknown.



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