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Pennsylvania Witness Says UFO Changed Shape

An eye witness in Rochester, Pennsylvania recently reported spotting a cigar-shaped UFO on June 14, 2016. The object which seemed to morph in shape was spotted by the witness’s husband on their backyard at 6.34 p.m. This is according to the testimony in case 77094 from the Mutual UFO Network, MUFON, witness reporting database.

“I came outside, but it had gone behind the big trees behind our house,” the witness said. We waited two to three minutes and then we could see it again. ”

The witness described the object as having a Q-tip shape, with its left ends being round and the right ends having a triangle shape. She also stated that it was horizontal and moved slowly in a straight direction before it hovered for some time then moved again. The process continued for some time as the object’s shape also changed.

“It appeared to be shape-shifting or morphing and changing shapes. It would appear round, then elongated, then like a triangle. ”

The witness also stated that although it was windy the object stayed stationary when it was not hovering.

“It looked too big to be a drone or helium balloons. Its weird shape shifting ruled out it being a blimp. It was solid white and changing shape either from rotating and showing different sides or actual morphing. It is hard to explain the shape. The sun was behind me and it was not reflecting sunlight on the surface. If I held my arm straight out and compared it to my thumb. It was about one-inch long and wide, using my thumb as a reference. ”

The object is said to have headed south towards the Ohio River and Pittsburgh, PA.

Pennsylvania State Section Director Sam Colosimo, Jr. is investigating so as to shed more light in the matter.