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Witness Videotapes Three Sphere UFO Forming Triangle

A witness in East Los Angeles, California recently reported sighting and videotaping three bright yellow spheres that formed a triangle shape. The witness who was relaxing outside his balcony at 8 p.m. on June 17, 2016 stated that he saw a stationary silvery object in the sky.

“I thought it was a balloon at first, but the reflection of the sun was making it shine real bright,” he stated.

This is according to the testimony in case 77127 from the Mutual UFO Network, MUFON, witness reporting database.

According to the witness the object was far off that even a binocular couldn’t help make out its shape, so he resorted to using a telescope.

“I decided to take out my telescope which has an attachment where I can hook up my android phone since I like taking pictures of the moon and the planets once in a while at night. The object began to move slowly and I was struggling to capture it through my telescope but I finally got it on my phone. ”

But even with the recordings he still thought that the three objects were balloons as they were attached to each other and moved in a circular motion. He also mentioned that the three spheres would separate at one point and then come together again. In the end he opted to rule out the theory of the balloons.

“The three spheres together formed a triangle shape and were bright yellow, almost shinning, I don’t know if it were due to the sun hitting the object or what. The object would move around as if it was out of control, but as it was moving in one direction it would suddenly move to another direction. ”

The witness also mentioned another white sphere which passed by but he could not stay on it as that meant losing sight of the other three spheres.

The cloudy weather made him lose the objects focus as they were really high in the sky.

California Section Director Denice Marcel is investigating.