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UFO: Bright Object Teasing Jet Spotted in Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada

An eyewitness in Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada recently reported spotting a bright white object, teardrop with a slight bright pointed tail moving very slow over his house. The object was spotted on August 9, 2016 at 9.30 p.m. and was reported to MUFON on August 10, 2016.

“I could hear a high flying jet nearby getting closer. The object changed direction and sped up towards the jet and spiraled around its nose, dipping up then down and then it sped off South East and seemed to slow down when it was over the city,” the witness stated. “The jet was travelling North/North East.”

The witness also stated that the behaviour of the bright object remind him of a cat running out, jumping straight to swat a toy and running off again.

“The object was the size of the front of the jet from the wing to its tip. I was able to get a good size comparison when it spun around the jet. The object came extremely close to the jet.”

The witness also said that he was with another person who was busy recording the bright object. However, efforts to get the video are still underway as he was not the one recording.

“My witness who was with me was recording it on phone, but stopped recording before the jet interaction, as my fellow witness got a text message , which apparently was way more important at the moment. ”

The witness has so far promised to upload the video on MUFON for posterity sake.

“Video is a typical light in the sky, the quality you expect from a phone in the evening on a distant object.”

Even with the video in place further investigation will still be done as most UFO sightings are never what they seem at first sight.



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