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UFO: Abnormally Bright Light Spotted Heading East Over Kemptville, Ontario

There have been loads of reports on bright lights shooting up in the sky or just hovering around in the night in Canada, often leaving many questions unanswered. Recently, in Kemptville Ontario an eye witness reported to sighting a bright light flash through the sky. This was at around 12 a.m. on August 6, 2016. The report was filed on MUFON the next day, August 7, 2016.

“I was sitting in my room when my dad came and asked if I had seen the bright light that just flashed across the sky,” the witness stated.

Although the witness had not spotted the bright light at first, he immediately looked outside his window and saw the object move steadily away towards the tree line in the east, where it eventually disappeared.

“At first it seemed like a helicopter, but I noticed it seemed to be more star-like in its light and was way too bright to be a helicopter. It was just one steady, unwavering light that never faltered before it moved out of sight. ”

The witness stated that the object rather spooked them despite having seen similar occurrences around their house.

“Those incidents normally occur during the summer and are much shorter in duration and there are typically many and are always moving together, not just one bright one.”

The witness also confessed to watching a video on snap chat of someone who had seen a similar object. Though he was not sure if the other witness lived in Kemptville or if the bright light had traveled for such a distance.

The residents here are often used to seeing such lights in their corn fields, some are often ruled out as helicopters while others are just a mystery after the other. Investigations are still going on, with regards to the report.