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UFO: Hovering Orb of Light Spotted Witnessed Over Ohsweken, Ontario

An eye witness in Ontario has reported seeing and photographing a possible UFO on August 8, 2016 at around 3.15 p.m. The witness was relaxing in his backyard when all of a sudden he noticed a tiny white dot in the sky through the leaves of the tree. At first he assumed that it was a plane or a high flying bird, but the orb of light never moved for about 3-5 minutes.

“After about 3-5 minutes of waiting for the light to move I thought, could it be a UFO,” he stated. I ran in the house, yelled at my daughter, “There is a UFO outside!” grabbed my camera and dashed back into the yard. I popped on my zoom lens and maxed it out but it was still nothing but a blob of white light on the view screen. ”

The witness even moved to his driveway to get more clear shots of the object as it remained motionless in the sky. The neighborhood dogs were also barking, possibly due to the light.

“I got one shot off and noticed the tiny form of a turkey vulture soar through the sky near the orb. I took quick shots trying to capture the vulture and the orb in the same photo. ”

However, the witness was unsuccessful in capturing the vulture and the orb in the same photo and by the time he decided to do away with his camera, the orb was gone.

“I looked down at my viewfinder to see if I had captured them both in the same shot, but I had not, so I looked upward again to find the orb. It was gone! I spun and scanned the sky and saw the orb zipping away with the speed of a meteor toward the South East. It whipped past the moon and faded into the distance. ”

“Seeing the unbelievable speed with which the orb escaped left no doubt in my mind that I had just witnessed and potentially captured on camera, an actual UFO,” the witness stated.

Further investigations are still ongoing. The report was filed in MUFON on August 8, 2016.


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