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UFO Glowing Orb with Flaming Wings, Hovered and Disappeared in Prince George, British Columbia

A witness in Prince George, British Columbia recently witnessed a flaming object just close to his backyard. The incident transpired after sunset on July 29, 2016 at around 9.55 p.m.

“I was in my backyard with my dog, it was dusk,” the witness stated. “Out of the corner of my eyes I saw this huge flaming object that at first I thought was a plane on fire crashing to the ground.”

However, the witness noticed that the object was not travelling very fast and ruled it to be a meteorite. Nevertheless it slowed to a halt as it descended and changed shape from a solid fuzzy orb with flaming wings to a pulsating transparent orb with no wings.

“The orb hovered for about 5-10 minutes flickering, glowing and shrinking and sometimes making quick but short jutting motions,” the witness stated. “It looked like there was a center sphere of bright white light surrounded by a pulsating transparent dome, sphere that was predominately red/orange/yellow.”

The object is said to have left no trail of debris or smoke as it faded in and out until it completely vanished. It is said that it might have flashed a blue or green color but it was so fast and barely noticeable.

“It left me feeling confused to what it could have been, as it did not seem to act like a weather balloon or lantern,” he stated. “It was the flaming wings that threw me off, they appeared to be a solid object attached to the orb but then appeared to be plumes of propellant or something resembling a jet stream.”

The witness was not so quick with recording the object and only managed to take a video of it hovering and not descending.

A report was made to MUFON on July 30, 2016.


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