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UFO: Two Star-Like Orange Objects Spotted in the Sky in Sudbury, Ontario

UFO sightings are nothing strange especially in Canada people often report on them each passing day. But it is always different. As much as hearing and reading about UFOs, nothing in this world can always prepare you for the moment you come face to face with the unexplainable.  Be it a bright light, a hovering object or a star-like object, the encounter though narratively almost the same, practically it is a whole new form of adventure which may leave you scarred or curious for life.

Recently, two young couples had their first UFO experience in Sudbury, Ontario at around 11.30 p.m. Eastern Time. The date was July 30, 2016 and the couples reportedly sighted two distant star-like orange objects in the sky. The objects are said to have been moving in figure 8.

“At around 11.30 p.m. Eastern Time, my boyfriend and I were outside,” the witness stated. “In the west night sky, there were two star-like orange objects moving in figure 8’s like a chasing game, they seemed very far away due to the same brightness as some of the brighter stars in the night sky. ”

The witness and her boyfriend continued to star gaze the object, which never made a sound in the clear cloudless night. She also stated that the object separated from each other after 10-15 seconds then remained stationary for about 30 minutes before it slowly faded away.

The witness was dumfounded with the incident as it was something she has never seen before.

“It was not anything I have witnessed before while star gazing. I have seen comets, the ISS, planes and helicopters in the night sky,” the witness stated. “This was not anything of that sort.”

A report was made with MUFON on August 1, 2016.