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Alien Activity Seen Over Laurentian Mountains Quebec, Canada

An eyewitness in Sainte-adele, Quebec recently reported sighting a UFO in the sky. The witness was outside at 2.38 a.m. on August 6, 2016.

“I went outside at 2h 38 a.m. EDT, because my dog was asking for the door,” the witness stated. “As I was waiting for him, I happened to look up at the sky. It was a clear night sky without a single cloud, with prominent stars in full display. ”

All of a sudden the witness saw something unexplainable, at first, coming from the south.

“Then a silent object that can only be described as a black triangle UFO coming from the south, was heading north-west, following a straight and steady trajectory.”

The witness even gave the ballpark GPS coordinates as 45°55¢11.6²N 74°11¢49.3²W.

“The craft had three large soft white lights forming a triangular, with a smaller red light at the center. The white lights did not blink or pulsate. But the red light did pulsate a few times. ”

The witness described the movement and speed of the object as that of a Cessna plane but silent.

“As the object moved through the sky, the encounter lasted roughly 2 minutes, before it disappeared beyond the tree line.  I have never seen such a craft in my life. Whatever it was, it is not a typical aircraft that we are used to in daily life. ”

The witness did not take an actual photographic image of what he saw but decided to give MUFON a sketch representation, he found on Google, of what he saw.

The report was filed on MUFON the same day, August 6, 2016.

So far investigations are still ongoing as most UFOs can be explained with a simple weather change or just something natural from the sky.



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