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White UFO Spotted within the clouds of Sudbury, Ontario

A witness in Sudbury, Ontario recently reported photographing a possible UFO up in the clouds. The witness is said to have been relaxing outside the balcony as the sun was setting.

“I was sitting on my south west facing balcony on July 31, 2016 at around 8.15 p.m.,” the witness stated. “I saw these beautiful clouds roll in as the sun was setting and decided to take photos. A little rain storm was rolling in, so I took many photos before they disappear.”

The witness stated that she took photos from the south, south west and also from the south east. Although she did not see or hear anything while taking the photos, she still managed to capture a possible UFO on one of the photos on the south eastern location.

“I did not see or hear the object that night, until I downloaded my photos and saw a whitish streak. I thought maybe a seagull. It was at the center of the photo next to the tallest evergreen.”

Even with a zoom, it was still hard to identify the object. All that the witness saw was a saucer shape with bright dots running along its sides.

The witness decided to post the images in a closed Facebook group so as to get some closure on what the object could be.

Some of the member from the group thought it was a saucer type UFO. The group actually has some die hard UFO fans as well as hunters like Steve Barone who does not only have tons of videos on UFO but is also featured on a Mexican channel. He is actually from Las Vegas.

The report was filed on MUFON on August 4, 2016.

Investigations on the report are still ongoing.