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UFO: Two Jet-like Objects Spotted Moving in Cheticamp, Nova Scotia

An eye witness in Nova Scotia, Canada recently reported sighting and photographing two objects in the sky on July 31, 2016. The witness was taking pictures of the beautiful Nova Scotia sunset when the incident happened out of the blues. However, he did not notice the objects at first until he turned around and saw them speed past him, the time was 8.45 p.m.

“I was out on the 31st of July taking pictures of the sunset when I suddenly noticed two objects moving behind me,” the witness stated. “The objects did not make a single sound neither did they leave a trail behind like a jet.”

The witness was amazed and at the same time amused by the sight he was seeing. He quickly took pictures of the objects before they could disappear.

“The objects were moving fast and at the same speed and at about 2 miles apart,” the witness stated. “They kept the same distance until they finally disappeared behind the mountains. But I managed to take a few pictures.”

The witness could not keep up with the objects as his car starter suddenly stopped working. But he stated that his cell phone was working at the time. He also stated that it was a clear cloudless night, though still.

The witness was not sure of what he saw and decided to share the information online as well with some family and friends who advised him to make a report with MUFON.

The case was filed with MUFON on August 15, 2016.

Investigations are still ongoing as most UFOs can be explained by a simple weather pattern or man-made feature.

So far no similar objects have been reported anywhere near Nova Scotia, but residents are on the lookout.


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