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UFO: Three Glowing Star-Like Objects Noticed In Jasper, Alberta

An eye witness in Alberta, Canada recently reported sighting some bright light in the sky.

“I was sitting on my back stargazing after work,” the witness stated. “I was looking around trying to see shooting stars and when I looked behind me, one of the stars was glowing really bright.”

The witness noted that the star was brighter than any of the other stars around.

“I thought what the f**k is that? It then started moving slowly upwards to the left at a 45 degree angle. It was then that I noticed two more stars that were normal star brightness moving off in a loose and wide triangular formation.”

Though they travelled together, the witness noticed that the group was not that tight. He even wondered if his vision was playing tricks on him, but that was not the case.

“My vision is perfect and it had been long enough that my eyes had fully adjusted to the dark. Also, I grew up in the countryside and so I’ve seen my fair share of satellites, meteor showers and planes but this tripped me the f**k out.”

The objects travelled together for up to a minute before they got dim that the witness could no longer see them.

The witness only confided to a friend who had had a near similar experience but in his case the lights made abrupt movements.

“Still, I messaged him right away as I was in awe at what I had just seen.”

The witness made a report with MUFON, an hour after the incident on the 13th of August 2016. He had seen the object at around 3.30 a.m.

Investigations are still ongoing as most UFO sightings can be explained with a simple human-made feature or something natural.


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