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British Policeman Claims To Have Been Abducted By Aliens After UFO Stalked Him

Alan Godfry, a former PC with West Yorkshire Police has since remained convinced that he was abducted by Aliens on November 28, 1980.

Mr. Godfry was on patrol in Todmorden, on Burnley Road when a large UFO spotted him as he was searching for missing cattle. At first he thought it was a bus but when it got nearer he realized it was a ‘large mass’.

“It was a fuzzy oval that rotated at such a speed and hovered so low over the road that it was causing the bushes by the side to shake.”

He tried to sketch the UFO but was overcome by a burst of light after which he only recalls driving his car on the same road with the UFO gone.

He later realized that he had lost 15 minutes and his police boots showed signs of being dragged off. It was only after some people made similar reports that he decided to also give his account of events.

Further investigations into his case led him to hypnotic regression, which produced a bizarre testimony.

He spoke of the bright light stopping the car engine, his radio and handset becoming static as well as the blinding light sending him unconscious. There was also a black dog, small strange droids as well as an odd room with a bearded man, Yosef, who questioned him telepathically.

Details of his regression were leaked turning his life upside down, his superiors sent him for a medical and mental health assessment which found him mentally fit. He got coverage on almost every media outlet in the country making his case one of the most well-known alien abduction cases of all time.

He later resigned from work after an injury in the line of duty.

The details of the incident still shock him to this date.

“I am certain that the UFO encounter was real, but I cannot determine whether the story offered by the hypnosis was a dream, a fantasy, reality or a mixture of all three.”