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UFO: Two Bright Star-Like Objects Spotted In Toronto, Ontario

There have been recent sightings of star-like objects as well as stars and even hovering lights in the skies of Canada. A report on either experience will likely be met with different reactions from individuals that either believe or dismiss the existence of UFOs. It only makes sense to the eye witness and to others who have had similar experience.

In related material a couple of friends have recently reported sighting two bright stars in the Southern skies of Toronto, Ontario. The incident occurred at 12.00 a.m. on August 14, 2016.

“On Sunday August 14th, 2016, I pointed out two very bright stars in the southern sky to my friend,” the reporting witness stated. “I commented on how bright they were, my friend agreed after sighting them too.”

The two objects disappeared within five minutes after being seen.

“When we looked back up within a couple of minutes both stars had completely disappeared. When we checked later at about half an hour, they were still gone. We observed no clouds in the sky at that moment.”

The witness who has never seen anything of the sort has been on the lookout ever since. They did not even manage to capture an image of it.

The witness has since been excited and shocked for the most part of the case and is more than eager to experience the same over and over.

“I have checked every night since and have not seen any stars in the position we viewed them on, on Sunday the 14th.”

A report was filed with MUFON on August 17, 2016.

MUFON is still looking into the matter to validate its authenticity.

Residents have been advised to make any reports related to such as well as reports on anything that might seem unusual in the sky.


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